Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a Sectional and Telescoping Flag pole?

The main difference between these two types of flag poles if the Rope (Halyard) system.  The Sectional has a rope system that you will clip the flags to and then use that to raise or lower the flags.  This allows you to fly flags at half staff if desired. The telescoping pole you would clip the flags to the pole itself and then raise the entire pole.  The advantage to this system is that is it very user friendly and the flags are attached to no tangle clips.

Both types have their advantages, and that is why we offer both. We also offer a halyard conversion kit that will add a rope to the telescoping flag pole if you would like that option.

How many flags can fly on the poles?

The telescoping poles can fly 2 3x5' or 4x6' flags or combinations of those sizes.  The sectional poles do not have limits on the number of flags you can fly or the size of flags but you will need to order additional flags clips with the sectional kits if you want to fly more than one flag.  These can but purchased on the accessory page.  We do recommend limiting your flag sizes to 2 4x6' flags unless you reinforce your flag pole. 

What is the wind rating on the Alpha 1 and Sectional Flagpoles?

Our USA made Flagpoles made from 11 Gauge (Sectional) and 12 Gauge (Alpha 1) Aluminum.  They are rated for 70+ mph sustained winds with flags on the pole.  We do recommend however during high wind events that you do lower the flags to reduce stress on your Flag pole.

What is the Diameter of the Flag poles?

The Diameter of each pole varies between models.  You will find the diameter of each pole on the product page.

How long will it take to get my order?

Flag poles generally ship within a few days of your order being placed and will deliver in 5-14 business days depending on where you a located.  We use Fedex/UPS/USPS for our flagpole and accessory shipments.  If there will be any shipping or back order delays this will be noted on the product before checkout.

Does the kit come with an American Flag?

The Alpha 1 Telescoping flagpole comes with a 4x6 USA Flag.  Our Sectional Flagpoles do not have a flag included.

How to I Install the Flag pole?

Every kit comes with thorough installation instruction, however here is a customer install video that can help. (click to view)

How big of Hole do I need to dig?

We recommend digging an 18" x18" hole and using 2 bags 50 lbs bags of concrete to secure the PVC ground sleeve.

Do you offer Flag pole installation?

We don't offer installation however any landscaping company will be happy to install this and many Boy Scout troops or other volunteer organizations would be happy to help.

If I order a light or other accessory does it ship with my flag pole?

The Flag pole kits and our other accessories all ship separately.  They will all ship close together in time and you should see them within a few days of each other.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.